[1.26.2019] Final Solo [disquiet junto 0369]

My contribution to the beautiful, haunting duo by howthenightcame and ikjoyce. I recently gathered up some old tape machines that have been (literally) gathering dust in my attic and brought them to the studio to clean up and use for creative projects. My Portastudio MF-P01 creates this beautiful, shimmery warble to the high end, even after cleaning the heads. I recorded several different improvisations over the duo directly into the Portastudio with my 69 Telecaster Thinline and recorded the tape into Pro Tools via a True P-Solo preamp. I added some Valhalla Vintage Verb after aligning and comping in PT.

I then decided to try a Basinski/Lucier approach and recorded the output of PT back into the Portastudio, repeating this process six times to degrade the recording futher. Each subsequent pass has more 'verb applied. I helped the degradation along by manually flanging the cassette.