[1.21.2019] Bellymind [disquiet junto 0368]

My first attempt at a Disquiet Junto, building upon burn's wonky tritone-based guitar piece. I used Dave Pendle's Ghost Dulcitone instrument to create an undulating counterpoint to the unpredictable guitar part. Half the fun (and challenge) was trying to follow burn's harmonies. The percussive, overblown flute part adds momentum. Both parts were dirtied up and delayed a bit to fit in behind the guitar.

The biggest challenge was not being able to rely on stereo delays or reverb to create a sense of space. It was a good challenge, having to mix my part around the guitar without any panning or stereo effects.

Recently I've been pushing myself to write music with lots of notes. This has coincided with me collaborating with a mallet percussionist, and the Dulcitone parts I wrote for this piece draw a lot of inspiration from marimba patterns.