All Your Thens for Now at TEDxSBU Talk

Posted on Nov 12, 2015

All Your Thens for Now (Dream-Variations on Mingus) was performed by percussionist Abby Fisher at the TEDxSBU event at Stony Brook University on November 6. The performance was part of a program called “Master Pieces.” Watch the full performance with Abby’s talk below:

All Your Thens for Now is a virtuoso piece for vibraphone and speaking voice with text by photographer Tim Davis. Based on Charles Mingus’ Self-Portrait in Three Colors, the percussionist plays the role of a photographer wandering through a dreamscape, recounting a bizarre encounter with Charles Mingus on a golf course while ruminating on the role of art in the world and the idea of a “masterpiece.” All Your Thens for Now was commissioned by a consortium of percussionists organized by Fisher and Alexv Rolfe.