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Music Services

The key to recording a band, ensemble, or solo artist is making sure that the recording technology does not get in the way of musical artistry while capturing the absolute best sound and meets your artistic vision. This means making sure that every player can hear what she or he needs to hear and that every piece of equipment is the right tool for the job.

I can record in the studio or bring my mobile recording rig to you. I love the logistical challenges of recording unique bands or ensembles and recording in unusual spaces. With a background in classical music, I specialize in recording in churches or concert halls

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After everything has been recorded, all of the parts need to be mixed into a cohesive track. The mix has a huge impact on the way a record feels. I'll work with you to make sure that your record sounds as good (or better) as what you hear in your head.

If you have recorded yourself or recorded at multiple studios, I can gather all of these tracks together to begin mixing, regardless of the software used. Sometimes these logistical challenges are the hardest part of the process. I'm here to help.

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If you plan to send your finished mix to a mastering house, they will have specific requirements about file formats, loudness levels, dithering, etc. I can work with you to make sure that your mix is ready to be mastered and handle any correspondence with the mastering house to make sure you get what you need for your record.

I can also provide mastering for Milwaukee artists myself. While mixing is the process of making sure every part fits within a single song, mastering is the process of making sure that all of your songs work together as an album or EP and that your songs will sound good alongside songs by other artists. Mastering is a critical, techy, and sometimes tedious process that is necessary before releasing anything online or physically. It's a lot more than just "making it loud."

After mastering is complete, I will provide all of the necessary file formats that you will need to release your music (either online or in physical form) along with instructions for how to use those files.

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Even though very few of us actually listen to physical CDs anymore, they are still the final product for most music releases, and are a cost-effective way to sell your music to fans at shows. CD-quality audio is considered the baseline standard, even for online releases.

When CDs are professionally duplicated, a DDP file is used. This is an unusual file type that requires specialized software to create, but ensure that no changes occur between the mastering stage and the duplication stage. If you have mastered your own record and plan to have it pressed into CDs, I strongly recommend having me create a DDP file for you to make sure that no errors or unusual audio artifacts wind up on your CD. DDP files also embed artist and track info into the CD itself.

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After your music is recorded and mixed, the hard part of actually getting it out into the world begins. I can help you with all of the final steps, including getting the proper file formats you will need, making sure that artwork and graphics are correctly formatted (for physical and online release), and getting your music onto iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and all the other streaming services out there. I will also help you make sure your music is properly tagged and cataloged so your fans know what they're listening to and so that you can get paid when your song blows up on YouTube.

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With a degree in music theory and composition, I have been working with sheet music for over 15 years. I can assist conductors, ensembles, church music directors, and teachers with preparing professionally-engraved sheet music that is properly formatted for any purpose.

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I can arrange and orchestrate music for virtually any group of instruments. Have a pop song you love that you want played by a string quartet at a wedding? Composed a masterpiece for piano but have no idea how to write for a full orchestra? Need a simplified version of a famous piece of music for a beginner student? Even if your music is not in sheet music form, I can handle the transcription process so that the arrangement and orchestration will go smoothly.

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I love working with musicians and I love the logistics of making awesome music happen. If you plan on making a record but have no idea how (or simply don't want to deal with the logistical headaches of scheduling and budgeting), I can help you make a production plan and pick out a studio and mastering house for your project. All you have to worry about is playing your music.

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Film and Video

A soundtrack can make or break a film. It sets the mood of scenes or entire movies in subtle and subconscious ways. I can work from your script and visuals to create the perfect score using live instruments, electronic sounds, or a combination of both and sync the soundtrack with your picture in post-production to hit all of the important marks in your film. As always, all music is mixed and mastered to sound its absolute best on any system.

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Carefully chosen and placed sound effects can bring your film and video to life. Sometimes these effects are dramatic (big bangs and whooshes), other times they're subtle things, like clocks ticking and phones ringing. Animated videos especially benefit from good sound design that makes your graphics tangible and pop out of the speakers.

'Sweetening' is a more subtle form of sound design, adding background ambience to videos to enhance the viewer's sense of "being there."

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Sometimes, audio recorded on-set or on-location isn't up to the high standards you have for your film or video. Electric hum, refrigerators in the background, planes flying overhead, and even clipping (overloading) mics can all contribute to less-than-perfect audio. Fortunately, I can use a variety of techniques to repair these and other audio errors to get your video sounding fantastic.

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Combing through and cleaning up all of the dialogue in a film or video can be a time-consuming process and often requires more detailed audio editing than a standard video editing software can provide. I'll take your recorded dialogue and remove all unwanted artifacts before evening out loudness levels to make sure the dialogue in your film is heard clearly and is ready for broadcast.

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Unfortunately, sometimes lines of dialogue in a film or video can't be salvaged or need to be replaced in post production. That's where automated dialogue replacement (ADR) comes in. I'll re-record the lines of dialogue that need to be replaced, sync them to picture, and match the ambience of the scene so that no one will ever know it was recorded in post-production.

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When you're preparing a film or video for broadcast, you have to make sure that the audio levels sound their best for the broadcast medium and meet loudness standards required by broadcast networks.

Web videos are less strict about loudness levels, but a good mix and master will ensure that your video stands out among the millions of videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Marketing, Advertising, and Commercial

In addition to the film and video services listed above, I provide many services for marketing, advertising, and commercial clients, including branded original music for marketing media.

You wouldn't use stock photos or stock graphics in your marketing media, so why would you use library music? Music can convey so much about a brand and its message and should be unique to your clients' vision. I will work with you and your client to make sure that the music I create for your broadcast media is of the highest quality reinforces your brand identity.

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Recording and engineering voiceover for commercial projects is a delicate art. So much time is spent in the copywriting stage, so it is critical that the delivery sounds its absolute best. I can provide talent demos and connect you with talent agencies to help you find voice actors that fit with your brand and vision.

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Spotify, Pandora, podcasts, other internet radio services are great advertising opportunities. I can work with you and your clients to produce high-quality audio advertisements that are ready for broadcast on streaming services.

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Make your podcast stand out among the crowd with high-quality audio. I can clean up your self-recorded podcasts or help you with the recording process itself. I can add music and sound design elements if needed and help with the confusing process of getting your podcast online and distributed through iTunes and other podcast aggregators. Each podcast episode can be professionally mastered to sound its best for listeners anywhere.